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Dont’t miss out this most valuable Hedge Utility Token in Asia!

We are on our way to exchange platform, join us!

Enjoy how let the time work for you.

Important information: The expected productivity output pre token 1.2~1.4 USD, the actual value may upper/lower this range.

Additional 20% – 30% bonus for the Roadshow investors, please write down the promotion code at below “Order notes (optional)” box. The bonus will be delivering according below scheme within 3 working days after finished the transaction.

One-time purchase :
500,000 to 2,000,000 MSEC with 20% extra tokens.
2,000,001 or above MSEC with 30% extra tokens.

Holders of MSEC can use it in a designated web portal and effectively rent the equipment, personnel and system for the duration relative to the amount of MSEC so spent.  A smart contract shall subsequently be automatically generated.  Upon data from the third party surveillance system of the production line, the smart contract shall calculate the return and be paid into the wallet of the user at the web portal automatically.