Professional Team


Project Team

MOJO International Limited has signed the Mining Rights Leasing Contract of the Wau Gold Mine with Oceania Mining (WAU) Limited(「OML」). Mining procedures could begin now and the predicted mining period would last for 7 years. The distribution of profit between OML and the land lord would be 9:1.

OML is currently working with OJC Holding Limited and MOJO as associated company in plan exploration, launching MSEC token, developing and promoting in-house BlockChain system and issuing Smart Contracts.

Left:Mr. Jacky Yau, Executive Director of OJC
Right:Mr. Tsang, Executive Director of OML

Jacky Yau

OJC Holding Limited – Executive Director

Engaging in private equity funding industry for more than 15 years and work as a project director for more than 10 years.

  • Experienced in both area of business operation and management.
  • Established and hold as CEO of Private equity firm.
  • Founding a Special Investment Fund targeting global financial market in 2016.

Michael Tsang, Zeng Qin Yu

Oceania Mining (WAU) Limited – Executive Director

Will be Responsible for mining investment and will lead the team to acuire additional multiple mining areas.

  • Chairman of Shenzen Qianhai Daozhuang Venture Capital Co Ltd
  • President of Shenzen Qianhai Chuangrui Development Co Ltd
  • Chairman of Shenzen Qianhai Oceanian Mining Co Ltd

The Mining Team

The wau Gold Mining Team employed by Oceania Mining ( WAU) Limited has a total of 58 employees. All team members have substantial mining


Shenzen Antong Innovation Technology Co Ltd – The Thrid Party

The company mainly developes and optimises tecnological management technology. It has manufactured multiple smart technologies and participated in different projects.

The Technology Team


NPC Plus Limited- IT system

It is an independent information technology consultant and service company with rich experience in the fields of information security and blockchain and AI related technology.

Ronald Pong

Information Security Expert

Has 23 years of experience in the information security industry and served as a consultant for different financial institutions and government agencies.

Dr. Theo Chan

University Lecturer

He has worked in the field of artificial intelligence, BigData and BlockChain, and has helped develop several patents at IBM’s Hursley Laboratories.


Technical Adviser – UBL

The project selected UBL as its consulting company.

UBL is a Fintech service and consulting company. In the short 3 months since its establishment, it has already participated in six Fintech projects.

Edward Chan

Network structure Expert

He has been in information technology industry for more than 15 years and participated in the construction of a number of large-scale website systems, including the Quaint Internet auction platform.

Mountain Wong


A young entrepreneur, who has established an online language learning platform named Let’s C, and won New Venture Competition and Social Venture Competition in Florida, United States.