Who is Johnson Tuke?


Hon. Johnson Tuke, MP is Papua New Guinea’s Minister for Mining. Papua New Guina is near the northern side of Australia and the south side of Indonesia. It is one of the world’s five largest gold mining countries.

MSECs first project, the Wau gold mine, is located in Papua New Guinea. Mojo International Limited not only obtained the gold mine exploration report and mining licence, but also the full support of the local government.

On May 31st, MSEC hosted a press conference at the Sheraton Hotel, Hong Kong, with guest appearance from Hon. Johnson Tuke, MP and other individuals to support Mojo. Because Mojo is the first company to apply blockchain technology to the mining industry and blockchain technology can efficiently support the local government to accurately manage and collect taxes, it is hugely supported by the local government.

Representatives of Mojo will return to Papua New Guinea mid-July to host the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the gold mine. More exciting information will be announced shortly.