Facebook lifts ban | Apple co-founder: blockchain completely trustworthy and only needs time to develop?

Representations of the Ripple, Bitcoin, Etherum and Litecoin virtual currencies are seen on motherboard in this illustration picture

Facebook banned all advertisements relating to cryptocurrency back in January, but lifted the ban last week due to the blockchain trend. Although the price fluctuation of cryptocurrency has caused the market to worry about it being a second “dot-com bubble”, the blockchain technology behind the cryptocurrency is definitely practical and full of potential.

The co-founder of Apple expressed that blockchain is a ‘bubble’ and the technology still needs maturing but it is nevertheless still worth trusting. Apart from time, the practical application of blockchain needs to be backed up with more initial value to be supported. Alibaba’s founder, Jack Ma, stated he has rights to various blockchains, but he has never bought a single bitcoin because cryptocurrency is only driven by speculative activities and not the application of the blockchain itself. Therefore we should not use blockchain for speculation but for practical application and support it by actual production capacity.

MSEC utilizes the blockchain to rent out one (1) second rental contracts from Mojo International Limited. One MSEC token is equivalent to one second of Mojo’s screening and investment projects. MSEC is neither “virtual” nor speculation but relies on the actual support behind it to place blockchain on the correct path to development and reach its stable, safe and transparent practicality.


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