Jack Ma | Blockchain applied to remittance service


AlipayHK announces launching a remittance function based on blockchain technology. Alibaba’s CEO, Jack Ma, criticised that financial institutions charge excessive fees for remittance services. He appreciated the blockchain technology used in the remittance service and claimed that “technicians put the blockchain on the right path, blockchain is not a bubble.”

The application of blockchain is becoming more frequent. Comments from Jack Ma and other notable figures exactly reflect the notion of ‘separating the chain from the coin’. Cryptocurrency itself can be a bubble, however, blockchain on its own is just a technology that can be applied to solve safety and privacy issues in this digital age. As MSECs first project, we applied the blockchain to the gold mines production line to immediate record and add all data onto the blockchain. This ensures all data is entered without fault, completely eliminating the possibility of human error and protect the interest of all MSEC holders. This kind of application is not the only objective, accurate, independent and true, but also brings a new direction for digital security and digital privacy in the future. As the worlds first blockchain MSEC. As the world’s first blockchain to record capacity, MSEC is avant-garde in its application. It is also used as a demonstration for other related industries, including rare earth mining and mining on how to ensure that capacity records have not been tampered with through technology applications and that investors interests are protected.


Relevant Article﹕https://hk.finance.appledaily.com/finance/daily/article/20180626/20431670