ICO is a dead project


According to the data of two cryptocurrency tracking website, Coinopsy and Dead Coins, an estimated 1,000 cryptocurrency projects lack potential for future activities. Reasons include simple fraud, website shutdown, ‘pump and dump’ scams, wallet failures and even claiming their projector developer is dead. According to the data, 80% of the markets ICOs are scams, 10% lack quality and only 8% of cryptocurrency projects in other ICOs are released on trustworthy trading platforms.

In fact, cryptocurrency is constructed in a decentralized form. If it does not have a measurable initial value, it is inevitably designed to case its price to fluctuate drastically. To put it simply, to know whether a cryptocurrency is worth investing and whether it would significantly depreciate before or after its release depends on the integrity of its structure. The main cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, do not have initial value, thus susceptible to direct market influence.

The newly released MSEC solves this issue. MSECs design is to calculate productivity in terms of time and then rent it to buyers. This design is suitable for most industries in the real economy, with a wide range of applications; more importantly, it is highly transparent, allowing the market to calculate its value. Purchasing MSEC tokens does not mean investing in new technologies, but simply recalculating the value of the real economy through emerging technologies, so the initial value of MSEC is the total value of the company or plan it contains. This kind of pricing is not so much like other cryptocurrencies, but rather closer to the stock form. I believe that people who have doubts about MSEC will understand why we say that MSEC not only eliminates most issues of other cryptocurrencies, but also a product that can be held and invested sustainably.

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