Daily Mining Output Data

MSEC Token is based on Hyperledger system and IOT solution which unlocked the gate of the gold mining business for the all investors segmentation.

Each MSEC token represent 1 second rental contract for using MSEC ‘s Gold Mining System.

MSEC is the best hedging and Valuable Gold Mining Utility Token.

2019-04-25 Investment Prospects ep.1

2019-04-29 Investment Prospects ep.2

2019-05-02 Investment Prospects ep.3

2019-05-06 Investment Prospects ep.4

2019-07-03 STV ep.1

2019-07-04 STV ep.2

2019-07-05 STV ep.3

Automatic Systems of MSEC

Management Team

Jacky Yau

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Engaging In Private Equity Funding & Project More Than 15 Years. Founding a Special Investment Fund targeting global financial market in 2016.

Edward Chan

Chief Technology Officer
More Than 15 Years And Participated In The Construction Of Several Large-Scale Website Systems, Including The Quaint Internet Auction Platform.

Advisory Team

Ocean Wong

Chief mining Consultant
Over 20years mining project management experience.

Ronald Pong

Advisor – Information Security Expert
Experienced Consultant For Different Financial Institutions And Government Agencies.

Theo Chan

Advisor – University Lecturer
Worked In The Field Of AI., BigData And BlockChain, And Has Helped Develop Several Patents At IBM’s Hursley Laboratories.

Mining Team

Deng Cai Dong

General Manager
He will carry out management related work and has mined gold mines in Golmund. Tibet for 3 years. He cooperated with Myanmar Balsall mining co LTD for gold mining. Leading the excavation team there.

Zhang HuiLan

Chief Operating Officer
Having once worked as a process technician in mines. She is familiar with the beneficiation production process and technology management. She later became a manager understanding the scope and work of team management.

Zhang JianXiong

Mining Chief
Has 30 years of mining experience. He worked in various departments of the mine and learned about the work and structure of the mine.

Chen TieNiu

Deputy Mine Officer (Administration, Logistics, Security)
Holding about 20 years of experience in gold mining in Tibet and Inner Mongolia. He is familiar with the mining management model.

Tang Tian

Deputy Mine Director (Mining, Mineral Processing)
He has over 10 years of experience in gold mining and the assembly of equipment. He understands actual operation of gold mines and is familiar with both the frontline and logistic.

Strategic Partner


Token Allocation

  • Token for sale: 126,230,400, 57%
  • Company Reserves : 63,115,200, 29%
  • Development Team : 31,557,400, 14%

Use of Proceeds

  • Security & IOT Solution: 21%
  • Blockchain solution (Hyperledger): 22%
  • Equipment: 17%
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: 4%
  • Sales & Marketing (ICO Promotion, ICO Bonus, Exchange Listing, Brand Building): 27%
  • Management fee: 7%
  • Logistic: 2%